Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New japanese models

2 japanese models came to singapore for modeling last week.

asuka and ayano

welcome to singapore!

we had lunch together today.
they will stay here around 2months,afterword they will be back japan.
good luck in singapore for jobs and we will share great time in singapore together!!

When faith can move mountains

Some pictures from visiting National Museum of Singapore
about 3 weeks ago...


my friend,asami,came to singapore for F1!

she has many (famous!) friends because she is very frindly, intersting,funny and beautyful!!

she is a wife!! i can't believe...!

she helps me a lot.
i love her~!

i've know her thorough Miss universe japan.
My darling and she are best friend for a long time.
I met him thorough her!

she run to the circuit after this lunch...

Monday, September 28, 2009

silver week

Japanese people had very long public holiday last week.
which is called silverweek.

some of my friends visited me during the holiday.

and we went to boat trip!!!

It was very nice wether.
we enjoyed swimming and feeling sea wind.

after boat trip we went to singapore restrant

we had chili crab and enjoyed drinking beer!

I was very happy to meet my old friends.
thanks for comming and see you soon all of my friends.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

i love this smell!!

i love this smell since i met this in HAWAII!

this is some flowers smell.
but i don't know the name of it...

i'm looking for this always.

there are 2 times that i found this smell in town.

one is ESTEE LAUDER perfume,beyond paradise.
one is a flower which i met in phuket.

but a few days ago,
i met this in my japanese house!!

shower gel from body shop, called MORINGA.




I go to heaven once i smell this.....

now, im using this perfume.

this was a present from my lover:-)
sounds good
and smells good:-)

woman must have your smell.

summer is festival season!!


i run into this festival.
THIS is japan!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I have been in japan for a month about.

I am going back in singapore tomorrow.

I'm too appreciate for words.

god bless to everyone.

My best friends in japan.
they are always help me a lot.
ofcause not only them!!
love all!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Himeji castle

I went back to home(japan) for holiday for a week .
my home town is Hyogo prefecture,near kobe city.
near our city have very famous castle.
the name is Himeji castle

another name it is known by is Shirasagi castle
Shirasagi means egret.
because of it has beautiful white walls
its amazing beautiful

and i met my new nephew.
his name is syoutarou.

super cute.

I had so much fun with family and friends in japan.

I had great enegy from my japan trip.

hope to go back japan again soon.maybe the end of this year!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Geographic magazine jewelly show

I came back singapore on monday from japan!
I really enjoyed holiday in japan for one week.
I met my lovely family and friends.

9th of september i had jewelly show at Clarke Quay.
Organized by Geographic magazine.

at the show venue with wine(haha)

with gorgerous jewlly

There are many shows this month in singapore.
Ill do my best for get many shows.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Yamato spirit

I wore Kimono on the other day.
It is supposed to be very very tight.

But this time round,
kimono was very loose somehow,
so I could eat or walk as usual.

I was expecting the super tight feeling..

With make up artist Sam.
I always like his make up so much ♡

Shaun fixing my hair.

I hadn't seen him very long,
was happy to see him too ♪

I am going back to Japan tomorrow,
will be there for 2 weeks :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


seriously ,

this is my big big challenging and turning point....

i know i should be strong.

and i know i can.

but the moment when let down my guard, i recgnise i have so much responsibility again....

that is really tough moment....

but once i allow crying myself,

i know i can not stop.

so i don't think about that too serious.

be positive.

see only good vision.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Does anyone have plan B?

We were about to bring our friends
to the restaurant
we had our ROM last year,
it was closed..!
How, how...?
Hungry leh!
Where to go for lunch?!

Now I have learned that
I should always prepare plan B
in case plan A didn't work.
Anyways, we eventually had yummy lunch♡

Yes I know,
it is too hot to walk around Singapore..

They are gonna fly back to Toronto
next Tuesday.
Only one more week left..
I wanna have fun with them fully!!