Saturday, October 31, 2009

This Is It

I had waited for watching this movie,
and I finally watched it tonight.

This Is It.

Michael Jackson,
he was so humble, professional and passionate towards his work.

My favorite song of his is
Human Nature.

What is yours?

On the way to go to the agency,
my new pink trousers were all wet with rain...

Santa clauses have appeared in town,
is it that season already?

Friday, October 30, 2009


i went to a party at andrea's house:-)

it was asuka's byebye party!
she is leaving singapore on this satday...

so sad...
but i will see her in japan too:-)

the house.....
was soooo nice!!!

look! there is a bar counter!e~~~~!
ayano&hiroshi&asuka maiko!
look at them!

you can tell how much fun this night,ya?
kanae was soo funny tonight....ahahahhahahahha.
what's happened to her?
god came down to her...

i found a cute phone...uhuhu
it's seacret that i took photo of this,ok?
maiko worked hard tonight too!

how nice girl!
she is domestic girl:-)
she cooked some dinner.
it was all yammy...!
when i have some quetion of cooking and cleaning and so on,
i always ask her!
she is my sister and mama and senior!
and this night...
new japanese boy borned!
name is.........
was it TETUO???

Thursday, October 29, 2009


We organized BBQ party last weekend.
It was japanese style BBQ

We were preparing together~.
We also had enjoyed the process.

after sunset...we used candles.
seems romantic

It was so hot.
(yea,of course,outside in singapore is very hot everytime...)
they were enjoying small swimming pool.

It was asuka's birthday party.
hope to you have a great year.
she will be back to japan on this saturday...
We will miss you so much.
catch up together until you will leave singapore!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ION opening street show

I was at runway for ION orchard street show last sat.
It had held in front of ION orchard.
I joined massimo dutti,bebe,and one more brand.

They made the stage outside of ION.
so,,,back stage also outside...(made the tent...)
It was so hot...
they put airconditioner...but It didnt work enough...

this is my first outfit.
winter clothes in singapore...
but they were nice clothes,i hope i could wear them in winter in japan.
miss japan...
There were a lot of things prepared for this event.
firework,famous taiwanese singer's live,chinese celeblate dance, and fashion show.
It seemed very interesting.
and i enjoyed outside fashion show!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


i went to have luch with maiko and run in to kazumi ~! uhuhu.

we had fish noodle soup.
it looks so healthy:-)
we love this.
thank you for introducing us this,kazumi san!!

then we went to go shopping @far east plaza.

it's sooo cheep compare with japan.....

i finally bought a new bag!!
my amall bag was too old....
it was $32!!
i love far east!!
you are my friend!!
i definetly take my friends who will come to singapore soon!

ION opening GALA event☆valentino☆

I was also at runway for valentino show last week.
It was ION opening gala event as well.

my outfit
with beautiful lace dress.

valentino also have released very high heels.

The heels have wings back of the heels.

with models after show

we had a great show!!!

お母さん from Toronto

Okasan has come to Singapore from Toronto~♡
It has been more than one year since I saw her last time in Toronto.
The time difference between here and there is 12 hours, she is recovering from the jet lag.

We hanged out with her for lunch and shopping in town.

And we ran into my other 2 geisha babies,
Maiko and Yoshimi during lunch!

Coffee and cake at

She brought us lots of souvenirs!
Necklace, ice wine, ingredients for Chinese soup, medication, bags, belt, snacks, etc..!

She even bought me a pair of jeans,
and the size was perfect!
How did she know my size..?
I am very touched to feel that she cares me...

I have a lot to learn from her to be a mother, and good mother!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


beautiful sunny day,

i went to ENOSHIMA by a bike with my baby:-)

we were sitting on a big rock and rest.

nice view~:-)!
honey was drinking sake whole day..

ION opening GALA show ☆YSL☆

I did YSL show last week.
It was ION opening GALA event at changi exhibision centre.

It was huge gala dinner event

in the middle there was runway.

back stage also huge...
all of asian models came to singapore from china for only this shows except me.
in this season,all of blands have released super high heels.
YSL also ...
They were so cool.
unfortunately... not so comfortable...

my first outfit

second outfit
I like YSL this season as well.
simple,cool,and modern