Tuesday, June 30, 2009

my first page ★☆★


Im maiko.
modeling in singapore.

Ill write about singapore life for modeling and peaceful daily life.


I had addidas show today.

The show venue was beside sinpapore flyer.

wow huge☆


my first look

normaly i do the catwalk with high heels but of caurse it was not with high heels for today's show.
with sneakers.

a little bit awkward?!

but well done and had fun.

I want to get today's outfit.

Those are so cute colores.

If i get that ill want to do exercise everyday!?!?




I love my friends

I disappointed myself,a bit today.

I know i just start working,

I know i don't know everything.

But i thought i efforted.

But I was too easy.

I cried today.

But my friends helped me so much.

They just listened for me.

They just chatted with me.

They just make me laugh.

I am helped by my friends.

i miss japan,

But i have many great friends here.

That's means A LOT for i am here,singapore.

I will grow up!

Look up! go foward!

Watch me!

*pics from Argentina trip.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

memorial first page!

japanese hand-made ring
left: my old friend,AYA.

wedding in meiji shrine

this is the first page on this blog~!

i'm YOSHIMI from tokyo,shinjyuku. live in singapore now.

it's been a yeah....

shinjyuku is a MIDDLE of TOKYO city.

i have been modeling since i moved here.

and nowadays i start working then i like it.

i'm straggling work in the different country.
this is my first experience work at office.

i always hang out with 3 other japanese girls.
i am the youngest in our team.
i love hang out with them.
they are my life senior!!

but sometimes they are very cute.
i feel i'm more mature than them,,,
we are all different character.
everybody is so unique.

i will write how i grow up in this different environment,surrounding mature people.