Sunday, January 31, 2010


I love this italian place!
In shinjyuku.

it's small but their pizza is really good!
i dont have pics this time...sorry..

Ayumi&Akane gave me body cream and hand soap!

it was very good smell which i love!

we went to took Prikura!




2009 miss universe finalist did show.

back stage!

everybody cute:-)

hang out at usual plase

Hiroko,Aya,my husband and me!

it was american foot ball,semi final game!

we were chatting,chatting....

Mouko is also here:-)

Hiroko gave me a birthday present,Sonia Rykiel ×H&M lingerie!
Thank you! baby!
Hiroko Mima


beautyful moon!

it was very beautyfull full moon!
this day was the biggest full moon in japan in this year!

cool with a building,right?

view from the building where is the party.

Party 1!

went to dinner with Kaho and Saki.
we has been friends since university.

they gave me this beautyful rose bouquet!
they knows i love rose!!

and surprise cake!!

Thank you very much!!


i got many presents !

this is a body cream. really good small which i love!!!


From Akane and Ayumi.
Thank You!

and this.
ANNA SUI face powder,brown!

it's brown! but very cute:-)
From Chikako!

Thank You!

I'm getting beautiful~! with lestening Amuro chan~!

and also my nail! with new manicure of ANNA SUI.
this is like a berry color. so cute:-)
this is also From Chikako!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


@TAPAS in Mandarin Oriental Hotel

it was very interesting.

entertament foods

BD celebration with my baby


i met Chikako,one of my best friend.

she gave me birthday presents!

so cute~~!
I tried the manicure as soon as i got!
so cute color!

she is aspirational !
and we are very similar.
we got(i will) married at same timing also.
she is 2 years younger then me.
can not belive!
we describe a vision of feture and chat together.
very precious friend for me.
Love you!
kiss kiss

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I went to mandarin hotel for joining a white night gala party.

This dinner was charity dinner for cancer

I went to the party with emilio pucci dress.
The dress code was white.
so i wore white hightheels.

We could watch ballet dance show at this party.
It was really romantic.

I could listen to many kind of situation about cancer from guests and organizers.
It was a learning experience.

Wish smiles for all over the world!!!