Saturday, August 29, 2009

mastercard luxury fashion week Thakoon

Thakoon show~~~~~~~~~~!!!

with my friend's model.

her name is louise,
she was my roommate in milan!!!

we could met up in hongkong again!!

first outfit

secound outfit


mastercard luxury fashion week emanuel ungaro

mstercard luxury week 3rd day
emanuel ungaro

my first out fit.
it was cute.

can you see?! they put different colore for lips,
upper lip is orange lower lip is pink.

briefing before starting show.
how to walk
what kind of image etc

stylist checked my outfit finally

a polka dots tights

my secound outfit

with models

It was dramatick dresses for ungaro this season.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

runway photos for Derec Lam

my best friend's nao(fashion stylist) and tukumi(hair stylist)visited our show last night.

their outfit was coooool

show's start

my first outfit

secound outfit


we had dinner(sushi) after show.

Ill still have a few shows until saturday.

Ill be continue to update here.

have a good evening.


mastercard fashion week Derek Lam

I joined Derek Lam show for mastercard luxury fashion week last night.

make and hair up
behind the make up and hair place,there is lounge for VIP
they can see for doing make up and hair.
normaly audience cannot see back stage.
Its rare!
retouch make up before starting show

my first outfit

with my friend's model.she is from Russia

my secound outfit
my friends visited this show.
they took some pictures of runway.
Ill update soon.
kiss ☆maiko

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

mastercard fashion week in honkong DorianHo

I joined a fashion show for mastercard fashion week in honkong today.

the name of brand is DrianHo

show venue was four seasons hotel in hongkong

back stage (hair)

(make up)
my outfit
It was amazing dress.


Monday, August 24, 2009


my best friend's nao has opened her boutique in HK last month

the shop's name is bijou

(inside aQuaeria nail salon )
G/F, No.7 Glenealy, Central, Hong Kong
Tel+852- 2526-9313

Bijou a closet for all ladies
concept : sweert elegance

I went to her shop last week.
all of colothes in her shop are super cute.

she is famous fashion stylist and buyer in japan and HK

if you are going to HK,you should check it out!!

She is also making internet shop now.

so we will check and buy at internet soon.
can't wait it!!
this is her blog

nao's cordinate



Potluck dinner ~ !

I cooked oden too much,
but there were lots of friends on that day,
we finished all the food :)


I want my own glasses.

Potluck dinner was these 3 gentlemen' birthday party~!

Happy birthday~~~!

There are lots of Leo among us,
I wonder how many birthday cakes did we eat in July & August...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

in hongkong

Im in hongkong now!!!

Im gonna stay here for 2weeks.

for mastercard fashion festivel.
It will start next week.

Ill join 5shows.

Ill update here.

from honkong

Friday, August 21, 2009






Monday, August 17, 2009

Ossie's 1st birthday

That's it!
I have to make him wear this!

So glad that I found this little jinbei at heyshopkids.

He, Ossie, is THE lucky birthday baby.
His birthday is 08/08/08!
How cool!
And he is soooo cute!!!


Yay! It suits him perfectly!
Ossie and his funky mum, Elaine.

Chocolate cake, yummy!

Father Caspar;
Wait wait, not yet....

Start of the chocolate festival..

Haha, well done, Ossie!

超 kawaii ♪♡♬☆。

I heard him say 'papa', I am serious!