Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Does anyone have plan B?

We were about to bring our friends
to the restaurant
we had our ROM last year,
it was closed..!
How, how...?
Hungry leh!
Where to go for lunch?!

Now I have learned that
I should always prepare plan B
in case plan A didn't work.
Anyways, we eventually had yummy lunch♡

Yes I know,
it is too hot to walk around Singapore..

They are gonna fly back to Toronto
next Tuesday.
Only one more week left..
I wanna have fun with them fully!!


  1. I also lately realized about the importance of PLAN B.
    It gives you comfort too ne^^

  2. Kanae-chan!!!
    So happy that you finally posted a comment!!
    Miss you...

  3. Yes~~ I finally did it yo~
    And I miss you a lot too~~