Tuesday, July 28, 2009

$ing Dollar!

I went to watch a show called
$ing Dollar!
at Esplanade last Sunday.
It is a musical comedy about money.

Before the show.

Characters in this play are
a Beef Hor-Fun Hawker,
a Retrenched Banker,
a Tiger Beer Aunty,
a Chinese Prostitute,
a Cleaning Makcik

Reading the characters made me laugh already!

Scenery from the rooftop after the show.

he has lots of rolls in the play
from Cleaning Makcik to Investigator,
and I really love his dance!

Dear Selena,
thank you so much for inviting us for the show,
you guys made us laugh so much!
So hilarious!

Talking which part we liked the most.

The show is until 08 Aug,

Monday, July 27, 2009

A busy day

When I went to a studio after a Japanese tuition class this morning,
Takeda was already doing the shoot.
He is one of the models I have know long time.
Peace sign - very Japanese.

After 6 hours shoot, I rushed back home for another class.
I enjoy both modeling and giving Japanese tuition.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

charity shooting

I had a shooting for photographer's portfolio.

He is a famous photographer stationed in HK.

His name is Norn Yip.

This is his homepage


one of my friend who is stylist in HK arranged this shooting for me.

The photographer is planning to donate the revenue of this portfolio to some association related to HIV.

make up start!

progressing make up

styling hair


today's all of outfit from valentino
such a nice dress!!!

my friend patryk
He just came singapore for this shoot.
thanks dear.
I had so much fun for today's shoot


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

eclipse power??

Did you see the eclipse?

i saw live movie on a bus when i go to the office.
sounds bit sad....

i thought its going to be comppetely dark,
but as those movies,we can see a radiation!


my boss,kanae,twists her ankle becouse she climb up a roof top to go in a room.

and also my colleague suddenly told us she wants to resign....!!!
Not only kanae got shock but also all of us.

but today is bad luck day for kanae.......

because of the eclipse!?

my colleage doesn't quit !
it was some missunderstanding.

i hope...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome to Singapore and Fish

Thomas and Lily are visiting us from Toronto.
Thomas felt asleep with funny glasses....
My husband, Lester was making fun of him.


After a good chat with old friends,
Lester felt asleep too!

Thomas is sleeping in such a funny posture..
Why punching my husband?

Our friends' cat.

She is gorgeous..!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

stay over in Kanae's house:-)!!

very lovely her house!!

love this garden:-)

relaxing space:-)

ofcause there is a pool.

lovely plants

tonight is a hotpot(NABE:japanese) party~~!

i stolen a wine from my fiance:-0! uhuhu.
i don't drink. but two girls love this:-)

my fiance's recommend! try this!

luxurious ingredients!
duck,chiken,pork ball,prawn,many vegetables:-)
Arigatou,Maiko san~~!

it was crazy nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it,Love it, LOVE IT!!!!
incredibly tasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i can't forget this taste foever!!

maiko peel shell off for me:-)
so sweet!

this shrimps..........
oh my god................

so plumpy...!!!!!!!

look at this face!!

can you hear???

japanese sweets
souvenir in japan from kanae san.
raw caramel.
it's boom in japan:-)
mushroom mountain?

KINOKO NO YAMA(in japanese)
there is TAKENOKO NO SATO (village of bamboo shoot )as same series.
always we talk ` are you KINOKO side or TAKENOKO side?'
I am KINOKO saide!!!
are you?

we chated till 3a.m.
fun fun fun
in the morning

water plants everyday!
(actually this is maiko's job ,always. kanae is too busy on her work...
maiko san ,good girl! ERAI!えらい!)
i found something cute

ofcause from japan lah~~~
i was wearing this for PJ.

Maiko's one.
great stylist & buyer ,NAO choice.
she start her shop in HongKong.
i will let you know the detail!
she is fantastic fashion sence.
always wear nice,everything she has is cute.

it was really fun day!
will be continue..........

girls night:-)!

on saturday.
i stayed over in kanae's house(check the previous blog)

and on sunday,
we played tennis!

tennis is the one of sports that wanting challenge most !

(another one is surfing! i haven't try yet!!)

Kanae went to the national convention for tenniss!!

she is too white to image of the National tennis convention,though.....!!


polite japanese ....


after tennis, we went to pool:-)!!!!

it was hot! so the best cool down in a pool!

i paparazzi Maiko from tennis court!!!


she realized!

she went to the National Swimming convention!!

two of them has great skills...wow!

i love this smile:-)

where is this?

some resort...??

:-0 :-0!

listen music...

* i know the case doesn't fit my ipod...

but i'm lazy to return.... please don't say anything..

i like it!!

maiko guard UV.....
no sun tan for models!

sun bathing?


just pretending...

green & yellow bikini!

we are like sisters.

and traffic light?

we need red girl!


her glasses is changed to sunlasses by sun light!

levi's one!

enjoy so much!

can you see the man....?

he was doing warm-up....


the moving was quite funny....

move his Hips before jump in the pool....?for what????

i enjoyed on this weekend so much! sooo much!

love girls talk! love girls night!

LOVE this girls!!!!!