Friday, March 19, 2010

Kki @ Ann Siang Hill

Sok Kuan! Long time no see ~~~ !
We arranged to meet at Kki at Ann Siang Hill.

She is a good friend of mine. She even visited me to my hometown Gunma 5 years ago.

All the cake looks cute at Kki :)

I chose Ginger Lychee Cake.

I forgot the name of the cake Sok Kuan picked..
But I prefer this and about a half of it was eaten by me, sumimasen!
I hadn't seen her for a while, we laughed a lot and had a very good chat :)


  1. mine is lemon coconut cake yo. can i steal your pics and put on my blog? hehe...

  2. Oh yeah that's right, arigato.
    Yeah sure, please grab them!

  3. That cake is Coconut mousse with Passionfruit puree not lemon :)