Sunday, June 28, 2009

memorial first page!

japanese hand-made ring
left: my old friend,AYA.

wedding in meiji shrine

this is the first page on this blog~!

i'm YOSHIMI from tokyo,shinjyuku. live in singapore now.

it's been a yeah....

shinjyuku is a MIDDLE of TOKYO city.

i have been modeling since i moved here.

and nowadays i start working then i like it.

i'm straggling work in the different country.
this is my first experience work at office.

i always hang out with 3 other japanese girls.
i am the youngest in our team.
i love hang out with them.
they are my life senior!!

but sometimes they are very cute.
i feel i'm more mature than them,,,
we are all different character.
everybody is so unique.

i will write how i grow up in this different environment,surrounding mature people.


  1. Where did you get the Japanese hand-made ring?
    Whoever goes back to Japan 1st among us, should get some for ourselves!!! As our team connection, as Geisha no Tamago chan no osoroi item... Doudesuka?

  2. yeah,i also wanna get that kind of stuffs.
    osoroi item
    sounds cute.

  3. oh~~!that's sounds nice!!
    i got that 2008 a new year at MEIJI JINGU.
    i will get something for 4 of us~!!!!uhuhu~!