Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I love my friends

I disappointed myself,a bit today.

I know i just start working,

I know i don't know everything.

But i thought i efforted.

But I was too easy.

I cried today.

But my friends helped me so much.

They just listened for me.

They just chatted with me.

They just make me laugh.

I am helped by my friends.

i miss japan,

But i have many great friends here.

That's means A LOT for i am here,singapore.

I will grow up!

Look up! go foward!

Watch me!

*pics from Argentina trip.


  1. Ok, I will watch you!

    By the way, you are not the only one to cry.
    When I was talking with a consultant from Japanese recruitment agent over the phone, I cried too! It happened on Monday.
    I have never met her, but she listened to me and gave me her ideas...

  2. really?? that's makes me relieve,,,,
    i'm learning many things,,,i know this is good experience.

    but i was very helped by your innocent chatting on MSN!
    you suddenly spoke to me`can i chat you now? i wanna show you my new hair cut~!'
    that was right after i cried.i thought kanae asked you talk to me!cos it was too just timing! you made me smile^^
    i love you~~~~!!!!!

  3. Wow, I didn't know about it, nobody told me about you on that day...
    You see, timing is just right cos we are connected :)

    I am also learning, if we stop learning, we are dying, not proceeding.

    I love you too~♡