Monday, August 24, 2009


my best friend's nao has opened her boutique in HK last month

the shop's name is bijou

(inside aQuaeria nail salon )
G/F, No.7 Glenealy, Central, Hong Kong
Tel+852- 2526-9313

Bijou a closet for all ladies
concept : sweert elegance

I went to her shop last week.
all of colothes in her shop are super cute.

she is famous fashion stylist and buyer in japan and HK

if you are going to HK,you should check it out!!

She is also making internet shop now.

so we will check and buy at internet soon.
can't wait it!!
this is her blog

nao's cordinate



  1. yatta ne, nao chan!
    congrats for opening the shop.

    guess mai chan is working busy in hk?

  2. kazumin>
    im so enjoying hongkong stay with nao and many friends.
    but miss you so much yo.
    see you very soon

  3. i wish i could be there! :)seems your friend has some great stuff!