Sunday, August 2, 2009

5TH Aug is my friend,kaho, birthday.

congrats!!!kaho cyan!!

my borother and his french friend.

we went to Omotesando.
my brother just came back from france.
he was staying there for a year to study french.
i was sooooooooo surprised how much he can speak french!!!
I hove to study English more............sigh...........

His 4 friench friends will stay at my house about 3weeks.
We went to Omotesando Hills with Hiroko,miss universe japan 2008.

she is really cute person,beautyful and smart and humorous.
I love her.
she is one of my best best friend.

Her English also improve sooooooooo much!!!!
sigh,,,,,,,,,,,,how's my English............sigh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

In shibuya.

what is this our face........haha.
are we tired?

this day,all of us had dinner at my house.
we are going back with Yamanote line.

here we are!!

Party party♪♪

smile smile fun fun

the other night

we went to Teppan yaki!
master cooking for us!
when we were in japan,went to here many times:-)

Thank you so much for great dinner every time,master!!

this is special coffee here!

amazingly tasty!
it is parfect after fat,nice meat!

at two rooms(bar) in Aoyama.

brother and his french friends.

Team miss universe.


many people came for us:-)

Thank you,guys.
love love.

do we resemble?

nice brother.
he is smart ,clever and kind.has many friends.
we are good friend.
I respect him.

Good girl friends!

looks very fun,ya?! uhuhu


Kana+Udon(becouse his family name is Sanuki which is prefecture famouse for Udon)+Yusuke+dylan.

Yukuke just had a baby!!!


missed a few peple....but....
Hai! cheese!!!!


  1. I know Anan Kana chan, we used to belong to a same agency in Tokyo :O
    Glad to know that you are having so much fun in Japan!

  2. really!?!? kana~?? wow! that's amazing!
    i will tell her! world is very small~~!