Sunday, February 7, 2010


Do you know this brand?

from U.S.A.

this shop was opened in Japan recently.

Healthy & Sexy

I went to interviews.

when i walked in shibuya with my friend, recruters scouted me as a model.

I still live in singapore and if you wanna have an interview, you need to fill in form on internet.
I was lazy to do it.
but i entried this time cos I wanted work as part time while this trip.

who work there is all young and powerful.
it is totally different from tipical japanese company.

i love the business system.

if you passed the interview,you work in Manager in traning.
and trained for 9 weeks. everybody through this training.
you experience all depertment in this 9 weeks
and if you are good, get promote.

so you will know a vision of whole company.

In Japan?

never could have this step.
I read UNIQULO book written by chairman.
Maybe they do .
but im sure this is very rare.

You only have been sitting as usual sheet which you got when you enter the company.
You only know what should you do in the position.
No idea what other people do.
No interest how company works .

I think this is traditional japanse company.
which is good maybe good efficient.

but i gess this is so boring.

How about you?

You work because you like.
Not you work because you have to.
If you don't know what you like,
remember when what you do is the happiest?

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