Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ubud - Bali, Indonesia ①

We flew to Bali after work last Friday, the arrival to the villa in Ubud was almost midnight.

Very cozy villa.
The night time was quite cooling, we could sleep only with ceiling fan on. How nice!

There were lots of cats in the villa and in town.

A pretty kitty taking nap in our villa. She often visited us, so we gave her a name 'Chibi'. Chibi means a kid, a little squirt.

A famous restaurant Babi Guling (bbq pork) Ibu Oka.

To go.

Neka Art Museum. Ubud is a centre of Balinese art.

We both liked the same artist's work.
Srihadi Soedarsono.

I like the light colorings.

To be continued.


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