Saturday, December 19, 2009

black berry show

I joined black berry new design launch event on wed.

at the backstage with lovely talita.
today's outfit.
from trussardi
we did the fashion show with black berry new style mobil.
what were you doing!!!hahaha
so funny.
he was a choreographer for this show.
how cool.
talita was dancing samba for this event!!!
It was amaging.
her dance was very authentic!
yea she is from brazil!! no wonder~☆

super hot!!

a lot of my friends came and saw this event.
I hadn't known they came this event until after show.
I hadn't met them long time,
I was very happy and we were enjoying after party together.


  1. Was the new blackberry phone nice? :)

  2. yea!
    seems nice!
    But actually...i really don't know what different from previous one and new one...
    design is almost same,but they said the new one have a lot of functions.
    sorry for poor information.....