Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Maiko in Jplus

do you know this magazine?

japanese free magazine in singapore.
i got this in Kinokuniya.


MAIKO SA~~~~N!!!!

she is writing an article every issu on J plus.
this time,it's about Mind.


i totally agree on her idea.
smile is coming if you smile.
good proverb.

by the way

i love her.
she is very friendly and kind.
it's just much our character very much.

the first time of i moved here,she took me everywhere
and tought me many things.
since then,
we are quite much together.
i can sonsult with her EVRY thing.

literally EVERY THING.

it's not easy to find these people that you can talk every thing of you.

Love you,Maiko!

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