Monday, December 7, 2009

祝 ☆ Spencer & Caishan

We attended a cousin's wedding last Saturday.

Church Wedding in the morning.

Bride and her father.

It was a big Catholic church.
They registered their marriage here.

And Chinese tea ceremony too, in front of Christmas lights and decorations. Mixture of Western and Chinese style...

And wedding dinner at Grand Hyatt.
The traffic to get there and leave from there was massive jam.
There were 7 wedding dinner at Grand Hyatt on that night!

I wore a Cheongsam for dinner.

This is my 2nd Cheongsam and the both are from the same shop.
They have lots of kind of fabrics, so you can make your original one.

Mama & Misse
International Plaza #02-10

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  1. such a beautiful girl with Cheongsam!
    and also cute bag☆