Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!!

how's your new year?

i was doing nothing. just like nomal day.
my husbad went to gym even on 1th Jan!!

my X'mas was great,spent time with his parents.

i will go back japan soon.
so i can't wait to see my family next:-)!

i love my family!
i hope we can stay all of us together in same country.

my new year will be success,great one,I AM SURE!
i have so much confidence,ya?
i know-. but sould have confidence. it's free;-)haha♪

i went to hair salon,Kin Robinson in Takashimaya.
it's GORGEOUS salon.
there are private room....
i know some nice hair salon in japan but not this much....
it's good to go there to feel celeblity☆

well,the reason why i went to is not because i wanted to be princess!
I have a shooting tomorrow for this salon on newspapre:-)
maiko introduce me this place.
my hair was too long.
i feel much better now.
and i gurantee their technique!
they are very good!

and they are so kind:-)

they did treatment with steam for me~!
so relaxing-.

they tried curly hair.
i like it.
too lazy to do by mydelf though....

i will put color and shooting tomorrow!
I look forward how my hair will be:-)

at last...

i hope this year is great,happy one for you!


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