Tuesday, May 4, 2010

mari's wedding in Korea

I went to Korea for my friend,Mari's wedding.

with my university friends,Ayumi,Chisato,Mai.

Mari and her husband,Luke took beautiful wedding pictures!
This is Korea!
They love taking picture!
like model.
Mari is so cute~!

before go to wedding,we had korean noodle.
the restaurant called Myondong Gyoza,very famous.
it's long Q if you go to lunch time...

when i got the wedding place,she was a little cute room.
this area is like a photo flame and she was sitting like a doll!
princess Mari:-)

everyone can take picture.
but she can't move.ahaha.

she is the first friend in the university.
I have a lot of memory with her.
and now,she got married.
I am very happy for her.
people who surrounding her is all very nice people,not only her husband.
i am sure she is happy.
that makes me happy too.
they did a traditional korean wedding too.
very interesting to see.

red steker on her cheek! uhuhu.

after that
we had dinner together.
traditional korean cloth!


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