Sunday, October 11, 2009


since i had been miss universe finalist,i go to here!

i've gotten hair cut:-)

i trust here,stylist is SUNAO AKIYAMA.

he is the one stylist for all miss universe japan!

he is fantastic!

if you are looking for a hair salon in japan,you should try once!
you will like it:-)

原宿サロン-i always go to this HARAJYUKU salon.

秋山すなお-my stylist,SUNAO.

next day....

left one is just gas water,but so big glass!!ahaha.
ofcause no alcohol!
i've cold by the way....
really bad.....
throat pain&cough so much...
i'm looking for a new house in japan with my honey!!
before he come here,my family went to see some.
difficult make a choice..
where do you recommend??

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