Friday, October 2, 2009


today was japanese girls model party (lunch time)!

we went to tanjong pagar for having a fish carry:-)

it was kazumi's recommendation.

she knows many nice food place!


japanese girls models are 5 of us exclude me!


they are new girls!

so cute and so skinny!

after a while, kanae and hiroko join.

hiroko and i just got a phone call 1 hour before we got together.

but all us came!

good girls!haha.

asuka and everyone went to see singapore main statue,the lion!

i am sure the place is 2 or 3degrees higher than central city.....

How about me?

i went to the office with kanae.

i haven't gone there since unhappy thing was happened.

they moved to a new office.


if you are looking for a car,you can contact here:-)

my pretty boss,KANAE!

`neighboring pregnant mother' NELL!

her tummy is getting biger and bigger!

find out baby is a boy!

we saw a scan which shows baby is moving.....

life is beautiful!

how does it feel something is moving inside you,,,,,?

Kanae's work is actualy selling cars.
there are a lot of brochure of cars.
my family loves TOYOTA.
my dad was planning to buy a PRIUS,black one.

i wanna get one!!

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  1. Let's go to eat fish head curry again!
    I am addicted to it!