Tuesday, October 27, 2009

お母さん from Toronto

Okasan has come to Singapore from Toronto~♡
It has been more than one year since I saw her last time in Toronto.
The time difference between here and there is 12 hours, she is recovering from the jet lag.

We hanged out with her for lunch and shopping in town.

And we ran into my other 2 geisha babies,
Maiko and Yoshimi during lunch!

Coffee and cake at

She brought us lots of souvenirs!
Necklace, ice wine, ingredients for Chinese soup, medication, bags, belt, snacks, etc..!

She even bought me a pair of jeans,
and the size was perfect!
How did she know my size..?
I am very touched to feel that she cares me...

I have a lot to learn from her to be a mother, and good mother!


  1. yea!!!
    It was very coincidence to meet you!
    I was so suprised.
    actually I've brought a lot of my friends to that noodle shop.
    everyone said oisii!
    anyway you and les's mom looks so similar.
    looks real mom and doughter.
    have fun with mom!!!

  2. Haha! Yeah I kind of look like her on that picture huh! Hai, I will enjoy spending some time with okasan :)