Friday, October 16, 2009


many young people come here for shopping.
109 is very famous shopping center.

this picture is shibuya crossing.
many foreigner take picture here.
seriously so many people cross road at once!

i met CHIKAKO this day.
she have gone to france for study french for 2 years.
and finally came back to japan.

souvenir from her:-)
top two are solid perfumes.
bottom one is pendant charm.
if you get this,you will be happy!
i got this from chikako. means i will be happy:-)!

if you wanna wear this as a pendant,once your dream come true,
you reverse this.
dream come ture again,you reverse again.
if you repeat this, it is gathered happy in this.

it's nice tradition,is it!?

i'm on diet....
but i couldn't stand before this....

we went to take PRIKURA!!

do you know this??

we are totally traveler!haha

you chose flam like this

you can draw on your picture.



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