Saturday, October 31, 2009

This Is It

I had waited for watching this movie,
and I finally watched it tonight.

This Is It.

Michael Jackson,
he was so humble, professional and passionate towards his work.

My favorite song of his is
Human Nature.

What is yours?

On the way to go to the agency,
my new pink trousers were all wet with rain...

Santa clauses have appeared in town,
is it that season already?


  1. yeah! i watched the movie in NY too! yes he is so humble and polite! so funny that when he made comment to his team, he would stress "this is for love, L.O.V.E". hahah.... i hurt my back and cant really walk properly last night, i hope it wil be fine tomorrow... i dont wanna miss halloween parade here! i wanna go!!

  2. Oh you are in NYC now, how nice!!
    Yeah that scene was funny, 'this is for love,...' and how caring he is.
    Hope your back is all right by now... BTW what did you do..?
    Please take pictures from the Halloween parade, and enjoy NYC! Take care!