Wednesday, November 11, 2009

HIROKO is in singapore 2

who is hiroko?

second day.

we went to little india to have indian carry!

i like this place.
i took my mom too.

PLACE:166 serangoon road
TEL:+65 6299 0300

looks nice,ya?


mailto:shopping@%20far east plaza

cute shose display...


it's already X'mas decoration everywhere!

but i don't feel it's almost the day...
cos singapore is always hot!!!

i want winter! i want snow!!!
it is necessary for X'mas!!

Hiroko give me a suvenior:-)
japanese SAKE.
Hiroko's family made it! wow!
looks classic:-)
in the evening.

aaron's favorit sandwich place:-)

kanae join us!

by the way,,,
i went to RAW,a japanese italian restaurant,again!
here is infomation.
ADDRESS:276 uper bukit timah road
TEL:+65 6467 3987

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