Monday, November 2, 2009

too hot!!

i went to a casting with maiko.

it's too hot!!!!

we were waiting a bus.

we were dying,,

check maiko's dress today while waiting a bus.

cute short pants!!
she bought this in hongkong. nice!

bus didn't come for a while and it was too hot,,,
so after all, we took a taxi...

on saturday,i went to see friends.

so cute:-)
she is just 2 years old, but she does everything.
if she drops shomething,she pick up by herself etc....
very educated!

she loves eat,but she was waiting till give her a fork!

my friend house is really nice and look at these plate...

is here a hotel???

i should study interior mayby... a few years later?ahaha

but when you go to some place and you are served with nice plates,
you feel nice,ya?

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