Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I ♡ Dermalogica

On the other day, I went to Leonard Drake shop to get some Dermalogica products before running out.

skin hydrating masque,
soothing protection spray,
gentle soothing booster
skin smoothing cream.

They are all must-have-item to me!

Since my boss from modeling agency in Hong Kong recommended me Dermalogica, I have been using their products for the past 5 years.
Before that, I used to switch the skincare to the other brands all the time.
But Dermalogica wouldn't let me do that, I don't wanna change!!

My favorite is the mask, especially.

Next day after using it, it happens very often that somebody tells me that my skin complexion is very nice!
Somebody can be a friend, make-up artist, my student or shop staff from the place I always go.

I love Dermalogica ♡

Highly recommended!!!


  1. oh! i also started using this few months ago!
    (' u')

  2. I wanna try!!!
    and get baby skin~~