Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shunji Matsuo wig presentation

I was at good wood park hotel for wig launching show.

I put several type of wigs.
This is second one...

It remainded me japanese old cartoon which called "patariro"
do you know and don't you think so?haha.
everyone said its very suit for me.
Should i chenge hair color to blond??

this is last one.
looks so different!
I can go to harajyuku with this wig ya?!

all of wigs were very light and comfortable.

This show was presented by shunji matsuo


Shunji Matsuo have been doing business in singapore since 10years.
They have a lot of japanese good hair artists.
check it out

with shunji san

such a nice artist!



  1. Yeah you exactly look like Patariro & Harajuku girl!

  2. wow!! you look amazing on the second one!!
    i love those curly hair!!SUTEKI~~~!
    and they serve you obento!?how nice...