Sunday, November 29, 2009

Johor Baru

I went to Johor Baru(malaysia) with kanae(my roomie) today.

we went to there by car.
this is immigration.

this bridge is border betweem singapore and malaysia

there were some japanese restrant.
this restrant name is "shougun"
which mean general.

we went for massage!
actually It was very cheap in Johor Baru!
1hour 40RM(20SPD,1200YEN)

cleaning foot first


actually we drank so much yesterday...
we had a bit hangover...
but after massage we felt perfect!
how nice~~~☆

they also seems relax

after massage, we had afternoon tea.
kaya toast and white coffee.

Its very different Joho Baru and singapore.
feel contry side.
I had relax time very much.
thanks kanae for bringing me to there.

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