Friday, November 20, 2009

Mother's milk

A friend of mine showed me this picture.

It says:

Hokkaido 37 Mother's Milk
- Refreshing Breasts -

− さわやか乳房 −


I searched online if it is still available and to know more about this, and I came across a blog by a Japanese man, the date is in 2006, saying that it is not a Japanese product but a Taiwanese one copying Japanese.

But we Japanese do not have this kind of product!

And usually the number before Milk is like 3.7 to show the percentage of butterfat.

Now, 37...

What I imagine from this number is;

The production is depending on only 37 of girls and women who are all from Hokkaido.

No way!

How silly...


  1. wahahahahaha
    i was laughed so much.
    how silly is this.
    actually i saw many wire products in taiwan which looks like from japan,but they were totally not japanese products!!!

  2. Yeah true, there are lots of weird fake Japanese products everywhere..
    Hey Taiwan, stop copying Japanese :p
    (Although we also copied lots from US...)