Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Geisha Baby from Gunma - First Blog ♬

I am Kazumi, from Gunma-Prefecture.
The shape of Gunma is like a crane flying.

Above is from Gunma Karuta, yes, we have our own Karuta!
I think, we, Gunma-People, are so proud of ourselves...
...Why not?!

As my 1st blog,
I am gonna share some of my favorite photos
and wonderful moments
from Japan ♪

With my nephew 創一朗 (Souichirou),
visiting Strawberry farm in Tochigi-Prefecture,
which is next to Gunma.
It was easier for him to find the big strawberries
cos of his height,
he picked some for me.
Sooo sweet of him and these strawberries!

My favorite Ramen.
Quite addictive...

At Onsen Ryokan (Hot Spring Hotel) in Nagano-Prefecture,
first trip to Japan with my husband before we married.
Nagano is next to Gunma as well.

With my classmates from Girl's high school.
Busy catching up!

♡My husband♡
He is like a polar bear,
he loves winter.

Again, with my nephew.
Visiting my best friend's house.
Her parents are farmers,
they make delicious cucumbers.


  1. i didnt know gunma shape is like crane!

    anyway,i love your photps,,always,,,,

  2. mata itsuka gunma ni ikitai na... (' u ')
    pls blog more ne!

  3. nice introduction, lovely photos :)Look forward to more post. Enzois!

  4. I love your pictures too!!!