Sunday, July 19, 2009

SABON bath scrub

i also bought this 2 @ SABON in NY.
Address:2025 broadway ,between 70th &71th
The nearest ST: ①,②,③ 72Broadway

i highly recommend this scrub(left picture).
after you massage with this, your skin is plump and slick!!
reborn a new skin!
there are 2 sizes but proce difference is just around US$5.
if you don't mind weight , you should choose a big one!
but careful!
if you take over 25kg,you are charged by the airline....
(just you need to separate bags though.....)
light picture is a room fragrance.
i bought 2 soaps as well.
soaps are all handmade.
i think this shop import from Israel!
i put soaps in my lingerie drawer before i use:-)
wil be nice smell.

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