Wednesday, July 15, 2009

NY report 3

fat food everyday

can you believe?
horses in middle of manhattan!

police ride on these!!
when i saw thi firsttime,i thought it is just for tourists.
but they work with this!
why horse....????

in brooklyn

little italy!

big bread!

i am sorry.
but i have to show you this..........

oh my god................
please cleanse your palate with MOMA museum pictures,,,,,

i love Rose.

person of the year....

it's mirror:-)

i love this


there is a nice garden at grand floor.

you can see neighbor from the museum.

even apartment looks art from here.



when you get closer.....

all somebody's hight.

i'm very satisfid about this trip even this is 3rd time in MY for me.
i love NY!
i want to go to some vintage shop:-)
i want to go to ONSEN with my girlfriends,actually!!

1 comment:

  1. So much fun in NY ya...
    Wanna go there again, 5 days trip wasn't enough!!!