Thursday, July 9, 2009

New York report 2

Today's coodinate

Let's start!

organic shop:whole foods market

Address:7th Ave. between25th&24ST
the nearrest station:23th7ave, 駅①、②、③

i bought some organic lip sticks for my friends,

and UV cut cream, vitaminE stick whick you can use sround eye as well.

anoher one.


Address: 414 6th Ave. between 8st&9st

The nearest ST: B,D,F,V 14st.6Ave. between west 4st .& washinghton squere

Rose Salve$5.50 ローズの香りの軟膏で口だけじゃなくて色んなところに使えるらしいよ


i forgot to buy a rose water.
i heard that's good from these 2 shops.
you can try when you go there:-)
and tell me how good!

walk too much....

i'm tired.....

but still keep going!


too big sign......

you never miss it...haha

isn't it funny?

too long straw,,,,,,

you can see New jersey from world financial center!!


it was US$30!!

@14st. discount shoes shop called DSW.
you can buy Gucci,Vicini or those high brand shoes bellow$200!

world finacial center

twin tower under a construction

another discount shop near the twin tower.

favorite apple pie:-)

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  1. Hey girl!
    Glad to see all the pictures from NY!
    Please show us more when you are back :)