Sunday, July 19, 2009

girls night:-)!

on saturday.
i stayed over in kanae's house(check the previous blog)

and on sunday,
we played tennis!

tennis is the one of sports that wanting challenge most !

(another one is surfing! i haven't try yet!!)

Kanae went to the national convention for tenniss!!

she is too white to image of the National tennis convention,though.....!!


polite japanese ....


after tennis, we went to pool:-)!!!!

it was hot! so the best cool down in a pool!

i paparazzi Maiko from tennis court!!!


she realized!

she went to the National Swimming convention!!

two of them has great!

i love this smile:-)

where is this?

some resort...??

:-0 :-0!

listen music...

* i know the case doesn't fit my ipod...

but i'm lazy to return.... please don't say anything..

i like it!!

maiko guard UV.....
no sun tan for models!

sun bathing?


just pretending...

green & yellow bikini!

we are like sisters.

and traffic light?

we need red girl!


her glasses is changed to sunlasses by sun light!

levi's one!

enjoy so much!

can you see the man....?

he was doing warm-up....


the moving was quite funny....

move his Hips before jump in the pool....?for what????

i enjoyed on this weekend so much! sooo much!

love girls talk! love girls night!

LOVE this girls!!!!!

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