Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Miss universe japan2008

I am a Miss universe japan2008 fainalist.

While i was studing law to get a qualification for 1year,i felt boring with repeating the same things.

So i just suddenly hit on the idea that apply miss universe contest which is famous for Kurara Chibana,Miss universe japan2006 TOP2 in the world pargeant.Riyo Mori MUJ2007 NO.1 in the world.

i learned many things.

in japan,

it's very common if somebody praise you, you say

`No,i'm not such a good,,,,'


some mothers

never praise child in front of people.

`my son doesn't study...stupid boy,,,,'

`ya? bat mine's too!! mine is more stupid...'

modesty,and this is polite,and culture.

i know this is not to everybody.

but i'm sure most of them are like this.

at least this is what i know.

MUJ director,ines,is from France.

she teach me


`understand what is YOUR GOOD PART'

` you are beautyful.if somebody tell you your good part.just say THANK YOU.don't sayNO,I'M NOT.'

`find out WHO YOU ARE'

`have your FUTURE VISION'

look up.

be yourself.

have fun your life:-)


  1. Yoshimi-chan CHOO KIREI!!!
    By Lester&Kazumi

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