Sunday, July 19, 2009

stay over in Kanae's house:-)!!

very lovely her house!!

love this garden:-)

relaxing space:-)

ofcause there is a pool.

lovely plants

tonight is a hotpot(NABE:japanese) party~~!

i stolen a wine from my fiance:-0! uhuhu.
i don't drink. but two girls love this:-)

my fiance's recommend! try this!

luxurious ingredients!
duck,chiken,pork ball,prawn,many vegetables:-)
Arigatou,Maiko san~~!

it was crazy nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it,Love it, LOVE IT!!!!
incredibly tasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i can't forget this taste foever!!

maiko peel shell off for me:-)
so sweet!

this shrimps..........
oh my god................

so plumpy...!!!!!!!

look at this face!!

can you hear???

japanese sweets
souvenir in japan from kanae san.
raw caramel.
it's boom in japan:-)
mushroom mountain?

KINOKO NO YAMA(in japanese)
there is TAKENOKO NO SATO (village of bamboo shoot )as same series.
always we talk ` are you KINOKO side or TAKENOKO side?'
I am KINOKO saide!!!
are you?

we chated till 3a.m.
fun fun fun
in the morning

water plants everyday!
(actually this is maiko's job ,always. kanae is too busy on her work...
maiko san ,good girl! ERAI!えらい!)
i found something cute

ofcause from japan lah~~~
i was wearing this for PJ.

Maiko's one.
great stylist & buyer ,NAO choice.
she start her shop in HongKong.
i will let you know the detail!
she is fantastic fashion sence.
always wear nice,everything she has is cute.

it was really fun day!
will be continue..........


  1. Greetings from Turkey.Have a nice day...

  2. wow! from Turkey!
    nice to talk to you:-)!
    have a nice day !

  3. hey lovely girls!! this is have u been? genki kai?
    i read all this blog.such a nice blog!
    i've been looking forward to it.
    i hope to see u guys soon, then come to visit me! xoxo from HK nao

  4. You girls had so much fun!
    Wanna play tennis too!!