Thursday, July 2, 2009

World's End Supernova

We always want to know real you and real words
Without anybody disturbing us
By pretending that we are lost
I become wind, I can start walking soon
Next town has already lost its name, even pretending that has forgotten about us

Once we standby, everybody becomes Music Freaks
1, 2, 3 de back beat
Pitch shift boy please bring them out all
Rough rough & dance music
We always laugh and sweat streaming
We can go anywhere

You have found the hope at the ends of despair, haven't you
Let's make your dream happen here if it's the same dream
I am here, I am not gonna delete my heart

1, 2, 3 de back beat
Baseline swings and it doesn't give up
I love you, everybody thinks so, and only it can make beautiful sounds
Rough rough & dance music
We always sob and sob
And morning hasn't come yet

I am ok with this situation forever, it's a lie, it's wrong
Dream overlaps, lies leading to other lies, love overlaps, rhythm overlaps

1, 2, 3 de chill out
We are going to trip beyond night
I am beat machine
Live stage is anywhere in the world
Rough rough & dance music
We always think and forget
We can go anywhere

I translated it. Hope you understand the meaning :)

From Citta Bella July issue.

I got a manicure 1st before heading to a studio today.
What did I do there?
- Hand Shadow Puppets for a jewellery editorial!

How to make a rabbit shadow puppet


十返舎一九画『和蘭影絵 於都里綺』

It was pretty hard, but I really enjoyed it!
Can't wait to see the magazine!


  1. i found the magazine ! i supposed to update the photo before anybody,,,but you did first!haha.
    photos are very cool!
    buy the way, i like your blog~usagi no

  2. Hahaha arigato ne~~!
    Hand shadow puppets, pretty hard core parts model..